What is the FRC Record Center and Why Do I Need It?

FRC Record Center can organize this.Your institution must maintain thousands of different types of records with various retention periods. You must be able to provide the information for a certain period of years. You must also track when, why and how you disposed of a record, should questions or litigation arise. It is critical that you follow regulations and laws in order to stay in compliance, but record storage and maintenance is costly. Knowing when records can be destroyed could save lots of money for your institution, both in storage fees and in complying with legal requests. It can help you organize a storage overflow like that above.

Currently, there is a premier place to go for a complete list of records and their retention periods, Record Retention Online, founded by Carolyn Jones, Financial Records Consultants. Now, Ms. Jones has made this exhaustive list available as part of a software package that helps you track and manage your records in an organized, straight forward way. With FRC Record Center, you'll have the tool you need to always maintain compliance with federal laws and regulations for all of your stored records. You will know the exact location of a record and be able to retrieve it immediately.

The Federal and State Schedules at Your Fingertips
At the heart of this application are the up-to-date retention periods for over 4,000 Federal records. Updates are provided the first year. After that you will have the option to renew your subscription and continue receiving the latest updates. These schedules appear in a drop down list for you to pick from as you build your database of records. After selecting a record, its retention period is immediately displayed. Once saved to the database, you will have immediate access to your records, where they are stored, and when they reach maturity -- just what you need for quick response to audits, and accurate timing of record disposals.

Used widely in the industry, the "Authorization to Dispose of Records" report can be printed for signature when records have reached maturity and are ready for destruction. The application tells you what should go and when. Also, versatile, custom "Quick Reports" can be created instantly on any group of records you choose. These reports can be opened in Microsoft Word or Excel, and they may be emailed to others.

Customize the Federal Schedule Departments
Not every institution uses the same name for their departments. If your Departments are different than the titles used, you can quickly customize to match the name with your institution's departments.

Find Exactly What You Need
FRC Record Center Program features extensive and powerful search facilities including wildcard searches and date range searches. You can view your records either one at a time or in Table View with adjustable column widths. You can retrieve exactly the records you need for your reports.

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Other Information
  • This application will run in Windows 95 and newer, or Linux (Intel).
  • It is simple and clean to install. No registry entries, DLLs or reboot required.
  • It features multi-user capabilities built-in with effective record locking.
  • Tight data-type control helps maintain data integrity.
  • Security — user names and passwords — is available on request.
How Much Does It Cost?
FRC Record Center sells for $4,950.00. This includes the popular Record Retention Online Retention Schedule and includes all updates for one year. After the first year, you just pay $400.00 to subscribe to the Federal schedule updates. You may add state schedules to the program. You only pay for the FRC Record Center database one time! Compliance with mandatory laws and regulations will be easy. Click Here for an order form or email us for more information! It's that easy, so sign up today!

Is FRC Record Center Only for Banks?
No, the FRC Record Center can be used in many organizations, not just banking. Places of business that have Administration, Personnel, and Securities records and are required to keep them, and where organization is an important part of the daily routine, can use FRC Record Center.

Using FRC Record Center ensures that you know when, where, why and how you destroyed a record. You know where your records are. Information that is vital . . . should litigation arise.

Millions have been spent on fines for not producing subpoenaed records. The courts can be very unforgiving. Know where your records are, it will give you peace of mind in your daily business activities.

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