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  • "We do appreciate the retention tool due to the ease of use. When you don't have easy access to the retention requirements of a particular document, you tend to keep it forever. When space becomes limited (either physical or electronic), the task of cleaning becomes enormous. By using Record Retention Online, we tend to stay current with the task of record retention/destruction." Colleen M. Heldt, Cashier & CFO, Iowa Trust & Savings Bank

  • "RRO has proven to be an effective, reliable resource for finding state and federal retention requirements. The system is easy to use and provides us with real time updates on a consistent basis." Oscar Quintana, BankUnited

  • "I will be renewing our subscription. I love Record Retention Online!" L. Larr, Vision Bank Texas

  • "Financial institutions know the value of hiring records professionals to manage and protect their information in view of optimization, compliance, and discovery.Records professionals know the value of Record Retention Online in continually pursuing program excellence. The foundation is all here—everything you need and more.The data here reflects a life’s work dedicated to meticulously penetrating the mystery of financial records retention.The scope is awesome and unimaginable to most in the field. The product equals sound footing and confidence amid today’s challenging regulatory and legal environment. The schedules bring clarity and leadership—in a completely innovative way—to a subject that is terribly neglected. Thank you, Record Retention Online for the exceptionally affordable solution, the dedication to accuracy and ease-of-use, and for helping our organization to do what counts by treating all information responsibly!" David Moore, Records Manager, Susquehanna Bancshares

  • “RRO is the easiest system I have ever used, and there have been many. Training my employees to use the system is a breeze; I talk to them for a few minutes and show them a couple of pages and off they go. They have no questions. Organization and indexing is easy to use and user friendly for all. I find RRO has up to the minute information; it is accurate, and reasonably priced. In addition, their customer service is unsurpassed in the industry.”James D. LeBlanc, AVP Property and Facilities Management East Boston Savings Bank

  • Record retention is a critical component of regulatory compliance and it can be difficult to keep up with the different requirements by document type. Record Retention Online makes the task so easy and efficient! Regulators give a positive nod when we show them our procedures that includes validating record retention requirements through RRO. Without this great tool, this task would be much more time-consuming and perhaps even more risky from a compliance perspective.
    Darrah Smith, Compliance and Security Officer
    Gateway Community Bank

  • I’ve worked for a bunch of different banks (mostly because of mergers and acquisitions) here in Washington, and previoiusly, in California for almost forty-five years. When I started with this bank eleven years ago, they were using an undated, dog eared paper booklet with pages missing, etc., and that seemed the norm with most of the community banks for which I've worked. Your interactive website is, by far, the best retention solution I’ve ever seen and it made the examiners happy.
    Richard Stanton, Bank of Whitman

  • The Record Retention Online product is very user friendly, making it quick and easy to look up the retention lengths of records. I am also very comfortable with the timeframes recommended by the schedule. The guidelines are conservative enough to satisfy legal requirements, but they avoid advocating keeping items forever.
    Kelly van Valey, SVP Retail Banking Officer, First Heritage

  • Record Retention Online is a valuable research tool. It is by far the quickest and easiest way to find retention requirements on both the state and federal levels.
    Mitsy Sullivan, VP/Compliance Officer, BSA Officer, Bank of Ruston

  • As a record retention fanatic for more than 20 years, I find RRO to be the best, most comprehensive resource I have ever used. Can't and won't do without it!
    Cheryl Kays, Perkins State Bank

  • I have subscribed to Record Retention Online since 2004 and am happy to have the resource available. Looking up schedules is at my fingertips with a quick response time and more information than I could find in any one place. I like the ease of use and the quality of the information. The service delivers value at a reasonable price.
    Arnette Grossweiler, NCCO, Meriwest Credit Union

  • I love the online record retention service. The electronic format accurately reflects the information in the record and is accessible by statute, regulation or law. The bank uses the system to remain in compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations. This service saves the bank a lot of time and has created efficiencies throughout the bank.
    Stephanie Moushon, CRCM, CCS, ViewPoint Bank

  • Record Retention Online is great! It is very user friendly and easy to find documents. If I ever have a question regarding retention, I just send an email through the website and know I will get a quick response.
    Kelly Brown, VP and Compliance Officer, High Point Bank

  • We have been very happy with the service and like the convenience of having it always current and online.
    Nancy L. Malinconico, CRCM Central Jersey Bank, N.A.

  • We’ve been very pleased with your product for many years. Before subscribing to your service, we had several paper manuals that were always getting misplaced and you couldn’t rely on it being the most current info. Your product gives us confidence that we are complying with the most current laws and industry practices.
    Richard Stanton, Bank of Whitman

  • Record Retention Online is my "go to" source for record retention. Over the years I have subscribed to and purchased several different resources for record retention requirements. Now this is the only source I use. It includes federal and state requirements in one location, has a great search function, and is well referenced to applicable statutes and laws. I highly recommend it to both banks and credit unions.
    Kimberly Bohannon, North Carolina Credit Union League

  • Record Retention Online is Great! Just knowing that you have the most recent and up-to-date retention schedules at your finger tips is most comforting. Before we signed up for Record Retention Online we had several old schedules all over the bank. Now we are all on the same schedule and we never have to worry about misplacing the paper schedule or wonder if this is the most recent one that we should be using. Also, we have a reliable resource for retention questions that may not be found on the schedules.
    Kathy Kremins, Peapack-Gladstone Bank

  • I am fairly new to the “compliance world” and prefer to be as electronic and paperless as possible. Record Retention online has aided me in fast, convenient, and reliable information at a low cost to my institution. Not only do I use the federal schedule but also have the option to use my state schedule as well. I would recommend this service to anyone who dreads researching retention guidelines at the end of every year.
    Jennifer Roe, First Federal

  • I am a long-time user of a paper guide on record retention. Often, it did not address all my retention needs, so I decided to sign up for Record Retention Online. As you could imagine, old habits are hard to break. When someone calls me with a retention question, I pick up my paper guide and start thumbing through it to find an answer. After about 5 minutes of searching, I get frustrated because it is not indexed or organized well and I remember that I have another source with an automated search feature. Once I log on and run my search, I have my answer within seconds. Then I wonder why wasted my time with the paper guide, so as time has passed, I now tend more to start with RRO since it is so easy to use.
    Ashley Farley, Alliance Bank

  • Record retention online has been an important tool in researching retention dates for our bank. It is nice to have a centralized website that I can go to and make sure that our retention dates are accurate. In the banking industry record retention online is a valuable asset.
    Corey Drummond, Great Southern Bank

  • We use it infrequently, but when we do the convenience is awesome. We’ve set up the link on our bank intranet so that anyone in the bank can use it at their convenience.
    Chris Newel, Amarillo National Bank

  • I’d like to let you know that as the Deposit Operations Manager for Piedmont Community Bank, I find Record Retention Online to be a big help. It is thorough, and if there is something I don’t find right away, I can always get an answer to my email questions. Thank you for providing this service, and I am renewing our subscription.
    Beth Hatfield, Piedmont Community Bank

  • Changing from the paper form of record retention schedules to the electronic version through Record Retention Online has made it easier for every department to comply with retention regulations. Instead of having a binder full of papers floating around the bank or people calling one person to look up their information, each department can log on and search for what they need at their convenience. There are no updates to worry about, no pages to be lost and every person in the bank, including the branches, has access to the information whenever they need it. It is a product worth purchasing.
    Karen Beck, First National Bank of Hutchinson

  • We have been using Record Retention Online for many years at Community Bank of Manatee. The schedule is very user friendly and has served us well over the years. Thank you for offering this quality product.
    Denise Owen, Community Bank of Manatee

  • We have used Record Retention Online for several years and it has proven to be very reliable and user friendly. We really enjoy having both federal and state law requirements at our fingertips. We have also utilized the Record Retention Forum to answer technical questions as well as to see what other banks are asking. It is like having your own personal record retention specialist on staff.
    Michelle Hemerley, Corus Bank

  • Bremer was an early adopter of this service. It is used regularly by our legal, compliance, and branch administration teams. The search function is easy to use and the results are reliable.
    Connie Weinman, Bremer Financial

  • The banking industry is subject to significant changes in laws and regulations. Each of those situations exposes us to significant risks for noncompliance, so having one reliable source to go for all our retention schedules, ensures our continued compliance success in the area of record retention.
    Janis Powers SVP RMO, Ohio Valley Community Bank

  • We have subscribed to your service for many years. Unlike the “paper” retention schedules we’ve used in the past, Record Retention Online affords us a much better search capability for finding retention requirements for even obscure records and give us confidence that the information is up to date.
    Richard Stanton, Bank of Whitman

  • Record Retention Online is an easy access pertaining to information required to be retained by our financial institution. It is a critical guideline for us to follow.
    Wava Baker, Lancaster National Bank

  • Citybank has used the Record Retention Online for several years and we have found it very helpful and easy to use. It is a very user friendly system and I love being able to search by a specific department or by all departments at one time. I find it much easier than looking thru a printed guide, and we have been able to keep our internal retention schedule up to date using this system!
    Gina McCaul, CityBank

  • Like other banks we need a tool to keep our records retention schedule in synch with the evolving legal landscape. I discussed this with RIM professionals around the country and one of them pointed me to your service. I was glad to find a convenient tool which combined federal and state. When I got my password I tried all the buttons and was pleasantly surprised with the forum and the articles.Milo Fleck, Mail Stop 989, United Commercial Bank

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